3-3 Working for Clients

Working for His Clients

Gene Offredi, founder and President of Summit Investor Coach, LLC has over 53 years of experience helping clients meet their short and long-term financial goals. By evaluating every client’s financial history and current status they work
together to create a strategy and develop a plan that meet’s the client’s objectives. Building a relationship with his client and discussing family, career and life goals is an important part of the process.

Not only because of his decades of experience and his love for the profession, Gene is a great resource for his clients because he specializes in many areas that help him build a specific program to meet their needs. Those needs can be
varied, depending on a client’s age and circumstance. For example, with a young couple it could be about managing their money and planning for the future. For an older couple, it could be more about retirement and estate planning. It is the personal guidance, industry knowledge and genuine caring for his clients that sets Gene apart from other financial planners.

While financial trends may change year to year, Gene feels a good financial planner not only learns and understands the market but also nurtures each client to help them over any hurdles they are faced with. “It’s all about properly serving and nurturing,” he says. “It’s a process I call nurturing your wealth process. Something that takes time and effort to best care for my client’s financial nest eggs. Everyone has different problems. I try to solve every problem so they can have a genuine peace of mind.”

Gene is registered with the State of Connecticut Department of Banking, securities division, so you are always in trusted hands. It might be that you work with Gene on asset allocation, insurance, risk management or tax and estate planning as you prepare for retirement. Perhaps you want to open a college savings account for you kids or grandkids. The more that Gene knows about your family, career and goals, the more valuable his resources are. If you are nearing retirement or starting a family or if you are a high-earner with a high net worth or self-employed and just starting out, you can be confident that Gene will take the time to get to know you, your situation and goals while working together to build the financial plan that meets your needs. “For those people getting older,” he explains, “there’s a specific area of caring just for them, such as setting aside assets for a qualified long term care plan for one or both spouses at home or in a facility.”

Leadership skills is another component of serving clients properly, and as an authority, Gene has published books on this topic: The Serving Leader…5 Powerful Actions that will Transform your Team, your Business and Your Community (which has become an international bestseller) and GIVING transforms YOU…52 ways Giving Transforms you, your family, your Business and your Community.