Summer Is Here!

Can you believe it?  The 4th of July is upon us.  I love the fireworks, the barbecues, family and friends gathering and just enjoying each other.  We have been through some difficult times lately, and we have many problems to solve – it won’t be easy, but we have to work at it.  We have to really listen to each other, respect each other, and learn to compromise.  Even with all her imperfections, the good ole USA is a great country; and it is time to celebrate what we have and where we live. Summer Investing If It’s On The Internet, It Must Be True […] Read more »

5 Times When You Should Spend Your Money

My job is to help high net worth individuals and business owners save and invest. But today I want you to know that sometimes it’s good to spend your money. I write this with some trepidation. I don’t want to encourage anyone to spend money needlessly. I do want to encourage you to save and invest as much as you can. But sometimes spending either makes good financial sense or it’s a reward that you deserve. Considering spending money in situations like these:   Spend when the item you’re buying may well increase in value This concept comes up mainly with young people. When they’re […] Read more »

7 Things You Should Never Hear From Your Financial Advisor

High net worth individuals and business owners know a lot about investments, making money, and growing their finances. But I’ll guarantee you something. I’ll guarantee you that no matter how much you know before you set foot in an advisor’s office, you will probably encounter unfamiliar financial jargon and advice. Things will be said that you have no way of validating or judging. If that happens to you and the advisor can’t or won’t clarify, strongly consider finding another advisor. Business owners and high net worth individuals should run from coaches or advisors who use wording or techniques similar to what I’ve listed here. “I […] Read more »

Family Businesses Often Overlook Risks To Family Members

Your family business may be well protected from risks but what about your family members? Could the family business do major damage to the family? Are there risks you can remove or protect against? A new family business study indicates that most family businesses lack a regular risk management process that covers the entire enterprise including risks to the family. A report in the May/June 2015 Family Business magazine on the Crystal & Company and Family Office Metrics study said the study found only 30% of the 159 online survey participants have an enterprise-wide risk management process. This concerns me because some business owners focus […] Read more »

Money Book Gives Insights to High Net Worth Individuals

When people recommend a financial planning book I often cringe. So many financial and investment books provide poor advice. But recently a client asked me to read Tony Robbins’ Money: Master The Game – 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom and I’ve found many solid, practical ideas in the book. Business owners and high net worth individuals may feel the same. Yes, the book’s long. I’m only on page 340 of its 627 pages. But here are some reasons why Money: Master The Game may be worth your time. First, I believe in taking financial and investment advice from high net worth individuals who have […] Read more »

6 Small but Impactful Financial Steps for High Net Worth Individuals and Business Owners in 2015

For a moment, put aside the country’s economic prospects. Focus on your own personal financial outlook and that of your own business. We’re already more than a month into 2015. Are you seeing financial improvements? Do you have a solid investment and financial plan for the year? Personally, I think the country’s in an improving economy right now with lots of opportunity for smart business owners and high net worth individuals (HNWI). But financial conditions can change quickly. For you to reach your 2015 business and personal financial goals you need financial insight. Here are six ideas that may give you greater opportunities to grow […] Read more »

Time To Make Your Money Sweat So You Don’t Have To

Money can be a bully. If we let it, money can control us. But you and I can learn to be in control of our money rather than letting it dictate to us. We all have limited time and ability. That’s one reason why it’s critical that we spend our time and effort on those things we can control. Sound obvious? It is, but think about how much energy many people spend on worrying about or trying to influence money matters they can’t change.   Take Control of Your Money For example, you can’t control time, but you can control the time you spend preparing […] Read more »

How Smart the Millennial Generation is Saving for Retirement

Does it surprise you that the Millennial Generation (1980-99 birth dates) is a bigger generation than the Baby Boomers? In the United States, we have 76 million Baby Boomers and 87 million Millennials. And here’s another amazing fact. What do you think the average age in the U.S. is? Would you believe it’s 22? These facts, a conversation with a Millennial, and two reports from Dimensional Fund Advisors led me to these conclusions: 1. Millennials, now ages 15-34 are good but not genius retirement savers 2. Planning retirement savings isn’t any more critical than planning retirement consumption 3. The smartest savers, Millennials and other generations, […] Read more »